About Me

When I was a senior in high school, my English teacher contended that one of the most difficult questions we would ever have to answer is “who am I?” She was right. Remember when Facebook first came out, and everyone put so much effort into making bullet point lists of what they like and dislike, and invested so much time into finding the perfect song lyric to encapsulate their albeit limited view on life? I feel like that all over again.

Anyway, I’m a rambler, and I get off topic all the time. I love making a mess in the kitchen, but I love having a clean kitchen and an empty sink. Oh, the conflict. I grew up eating amazingly flavorful Indian food at least 4 times a week, much to my dismay, and as an adult, my greatest regret is not taking advantage of having such beautifully constructed dishes created for me. That might be why my grandma’s house is my favorite place in the world. The food is incredible, and with the company, the experience of eating is indescribable.

I love to love and be loved. I have been blessed with a wonderful family that is ever-expanding, the most amazing friends, and the sweetest, most generous and goofy boy I’ve ever known. I work in research and academia, so after a long day of beating my brain with philosophical questions and number crunching, I yearn for an escape. I find joy in creating things: meals, art, crafts. I also find joy in binge watching television shows on Netflix. I mean, who else is obsessed with Breaking Bad?? And Orange is the New Black??! Seriously.

I like to think my meals are simple, and easy enough to make for 1-2 people, with leftovers, while still having a life. I once saw a recipe for an entree that took like 3 hours of active prep work, and 4 more hours of cooking time. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I want to eat when I want to eat, and not one minute later. Girl gets HANGRY. All of my recipes are vegetarian (was it once alive? then I don’t eat it), but don’t try to convince me to go vegan just yet. There’s a block of habenero cheese on my desk that you’ll have to pry out of my cold, dead fingers before I give up dairy.

You know how some people are natural athletes and they just run 7 miles “for fun”? I am not one of those people. In fact, I am unbelievably unathletic. I find running to be boring, and gyms to be weird sess pools. People love yoga, but I’m like, is this sanctioned nap time? Let’s be real. I still try though, and it ends up being just hilarious. The whole time though, I’d rather be looking at cat memes and puppy pictures on the Internet. I’m not ashamed.

Finally, I’m a closeted rapper, and Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal.


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